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The History Curriculum
Summer 2 2019


Thank you all for taking the time to complete the Rothley Parents' Liaison Forum in May that was focused on the history curriculum. We had over 100 responses which was great to see.

The highlights from this survey were as follows:
1) 74% of parents said they would like to hear more information regarding the history curriculum with a combined percentage of 67% of you wanting the information communicated either on Seesaw, school website or via the newsletter.

In response to this, a termly ‘history’ newsletter will be sent out you focusing on what year groups have been studying. Also up and coming special events will be posted on the newsletter that have planned for the history curriculum. The history newsletter will be posted on Seesaw as well as posted on the school website.  

2) Again, 67% of parents said they would like to hear more history events showcasing the history curriculum at school.

Rothley Academy is aiming for the Quality History Mark award this year and as part of this journey we will be showcasing more history events at school via history workshops and through a greater variety of history trips across the curriculum.


3) Out of the 96 parents who said they ‘would like to see more history events showcasing the history curriculum at school’ 57 of out of 96 parents said they would like to see more trips linked to the history curriculum, 21 parents said they would like to see history assemblies and 16 of you said you like to see a history based club.


Mr Clark has reviewed the history curriculum and has encouraged staff to ensure at least one school trip is linked to the history curriculum and there will be more history workshops planned particularly in Key Stage 2. After the October half, the lunch time history club will be recommencing on Thursdays for pupils with new history books and other resources purchased including the ‘Horrible Histories’ dvd box set. History assemblies will begin after half-term celebrating pupils’ achievement in history. Mr Clark will also be planning to do an end of year history assembly where parents are invited so that they can see what the children have learnt in history that year.  


4) 58% of parents said that they were happy with the quality and quantity of school trips linked to history.


As previously stated, the history curriculum has been reviewed and school trips are always evaluated after year groups have visited. This is fed back to the Educational Visits Coordinator at Rothley and school trips are continually reviewed. Some changes are made in regards to school visits if we feel children will gain more from an alternative school visit. As previously stated, all teachers are strongly encouraged to link at least one school trip to the history curriculum.


5) 78 out of 95 parents said they would like to receive a suggested reading list of history books that are linked to the topic your child is learning.


Suggested reading lists will be posted on the school website and on the termly history newsletter for you to view. This will also be placed on Seesaw for your to view.


6) Finally, 80 out of 95 parents who responded to the final survey question said they would like to receive a termly e-newsletter to do with history and what the children have been doing in school – similarly to the PE and sports newsletter.


As previously stated, a new termly history newsletter will be sent out to parents and will be shared on Seesaw and on the school website.