2 Burrow Drive, Rothley, LE7 7RZ

0116 230 2106


Our School Vision

The school has embraced the Church of England's Vision Document (Autumn 2016), and aspires to educate for wisdom, knowledge and skills, educate for hope and aspiration, educate for community and living well together, and educate to deepen dignity and respect. Our school community's vision is for an education which shapes life well and prepares young people to be able to:


  • function in a complex world
  • know the value of being human
  • develop deep learning of skills and knowledge
  • be wise and discern fact and fiction
  • grow in roundedness (as a rounded character)
  • flourish and have fullness of life
  • have a rich understanding of Christianity
  • be tolerant ad have knowledge of other faiths
  • contribute and fully participate in communities
  • grow and embrace academic excellence 

Our Mission Statement

Everyone will flourish in our school community in mind, body, and spirit. We ensure academic excellence enriched through the aspiration and hope exemplified in our Christian values.