2 Burrow Drive, Rothley, LE7 7RZ

0116 230 2106


Our Staff

The staff at Rothley School are dedicated to your child's education and to that end work tirelessly to deliver an outstanding curriculum suited to all their needs. All the staff ensure that every day is a safe and exciting day in the life of our children.


The Staff Prayer

Dear Father in Heaven,

Help us to understand the complex needs of our children and families and fully support them in our vision for education. Help us to enable them to flourish fully and have fullness of life through promoting wisdom, hope, community, and dignity.

In Jesus' name,


  Headteacher Mrs Riley  
  Deputy Headteacher Mrs Barrs  
  Assistant Headteacher Mr Richards  
  SENDCo Mrs Heselton  
  Year 5/6 Team Leader Mr McLugash  
  Year 6 Teacher Miss Begum  
  Year 5 Teacher Mr Dooley  
  Year 5 Teacher Mr Phillips  
  Year 3/4 Team Leader Mrs Townsend  
  Year 4 Teacher Miss Asquith  
  Year 3 Teacher Mr Clark  
  Year 3 Teacher Miss Godfrey  
  Year 1/2 Team Leader Mrs Walton  
  Year 2 Teacher Mrs Ellaway  
  Year 1 Teahcer Miss Patel  
  Year 1 Teacher Mrs Barber  
  Foundation Stage Leader Mrs Meadows  
  Founddtion Stage Teacher Mrs Harmer