2 Burrow Drive, Rothley, LE7 7RZ

0116 230 2106


Our Staff

The staff at Rothley School are dedicated to your child's education and to that end work tirelessly to deliver an outstanding curriculum suited to all their needs. All the staff ensure that every day is a safe and exciting day in the life of our children.


Headteacher Mrs F. Riley
Co-Deputy Headteacher  Mrs K. Barrs
Co-Deputy Headteacher Mr J. Richards

Assistant Headteacher (KS1)/Y5 Teacher

Mr D. Dooley

Assistant Headteacher (KS2)/Y6 Teacher

Mr A. Mclugash
SENDCo Mrs A. Townsend


KS2 Teaching Team
Curriculum Leader (KS2)/Y6 Teacher Mr J. Clark
Y5 Teacher Mr D. Dooley
Y5 Teacher Miss E. Bentley
Y4 Teacher Mr R. Bray
Y4 Teacher Miss B. Asquith
Y3 Teacher Mrs J. Johnson
Y3 Teacher Mrs C. Authers
Y3 Teacher Miss J. Godfrey


KS1 Teaching Team
Curriculum Leader (KS1)/Y2 Teacher  Mrs H. Walton
Y2 Teacher Mrs N. Ellaway
Y2 Teacher Mrs A. Warburton
Y1 Teacher Mrs L. Barber
Y1 Teacher Miss Z. Utting


EYFS Teaching Team
EYFS Lead / EYFS Teacher Mrs R. Meadows
EYFS Teacher Mrs S. Harmer
EYFS Teacher Mrs K. Greenhill


Nursery Team
Nursery Officer Miss C. Thornton
Nursery Teacher Mrs D. Bullock
Nursery Assistant Mrs J. Edgington


Learning Support Team
HLTA Mrs E. Pilbeam
HLTA Mrs W. Reynolds
LSA Mrs H. Airey
LSA Miss C. Atherton
LSA Miss T. Baker
LSA Miss C. Bayley
LSA Mrs K. Bools
LSA Miss L. Boulter
LSA Mrs K. Bunn
LSA Mrs L. Cook
LSA Mrs L. Diez-Lucas
LSA Mrs K Diyar
LSA Mrs S. Gladstone
LSA Mrs C. Harvey
LSA Mrs S. Ho
LSA Mrs C. Lee-Neale
LSA Mrs D. Mackness
LSA Mrs K. Quibell
LSA Mrs F. Tate
LSA Miss A. Witham


Office Team
School Business Manager Mrs J. Warner
Finance Manager Mrs J. Parr
Administrator Mrs S. Cooper
Administrator Mrs L. Faulkner


Site Team
Site Manager Mr M. Pedley
Premises Officer Mrs A. Smith
Cleaner Miss Z. Armstrong
Cleaner / Midday Supervisor Mrs K. Wells


Lunchtime Team
Midday Supervisor Mrs H.L. Brand
Midday Supervisor Mrs D. Findlay
Midday Supervisor Mrs T. Henshaw
Midday Supervisor Mrs S. Kinch
Midday Supervisor Mrs G. Parr
Midday Supervisor Mrs A. Senkpiehl
Midday Supervisor Miss E. Wills