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Vision Statement

Within our curriculum, our vision is to ensure academic excellence in our teaching and learning set within the National Curriculum 2014. The vision includes ensuring our pupils become well-rounded citizens and understand the community they serve. The core principles of learning about discreet subject knowledge and skills will be underpinned by a wider curriculum exploring rich and varied vocabulary. This lies within our vision as a Church School, where we enable pupils to flourish and become able to think critically and live life to the full, encompassing development socially, morally, physically, and mentally. The high-quality learning in religious education and regular Christian Collective Worship will be highly valued in our vision to support our preparing pupils for life beyond school.

All subject leaders and year groups have created an overview for their appropriate subject or year respectively. These overviews aim to outline the brilliant things that are happening within each individual discipline. Here is a snapshot of the 'RE' overview, and you will find a list of links to all subjects / year groups below.