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The Website
Spring 2019

 I would like to start by thanking you all for taking the time to complete the first edition of the Rothley Parents' Liaison Forum in January. We had over 180 responses.

The highlights from this survey were as follows:
1) 92% of parents said they either use the website once a term (31%), very rarely (53%) or never (8%)
and the main reasons for using the website were for term dates, contact details or the latest news.

The website is currently undergoing a bespoke re-design and with this feedback we will ensure that these three clear areas you use the website for are clearly visible on the home page.

2) 99% of parents use SeeSaw and the feedback was massively positive with regards to how you find it.

All feedback has been shared with the senior leadership team and all comments have been reviewed. The school will be looking to develop SeeSaw more and staff will have training sessions to see the full potential that SeeSaw has to offer.