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Recent Letters


Letter Date (letter sent)
Dare to be Different Day 14th March 2023
Young Voices - Proud 14th March 2023
Little Bunnies Easter in School 13th March 2023
KS1 Easter in School 13th March 2023
KS2 Easter in School 13th March 2023
Mrs Faulkner 's Class Update 13th March 2023
Year 1 Botanic Gardens 9th March 2023
Year 4 Notts Outdoor Trip 8th March 2020
Soar Valley Food Project 6th March 2023
Parent Music Request 27th February 2023
Mrs Faulkner's Class 27th February 2023
World Book Day 15th February 2023
Heart Link Day 9th February 2023
Whole School Attendance 7th February 2023
Year 4 Dragon Days 3rd February 2023
Spring Term Parents' Evening 30th January 2023
Mrs Faulkner's Class 27th January 2023

'Oh Happy Days' details

23rd January 2023
Year 6 - Global Leicester trip 23rd January 2023
Year 4 - Anglo Saxon Workshop 23rd January 2023
Year 6 - Ratcliffe College trip 20th January 2023
Headteacher appointment 20th January 2023
Christmas card winner 13th January 2023
Welcome back 6th January 2023

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