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The School Extension

Building work has commenced on our new school extension. This will provide an extra six classrooms, a hall and an office. photos will be taken on a regular basis. Please visit this page regularly to see what is happening. 

Sketches of the finished building

Position of the new building and ball court

Plan of the building showing classrooms and hall

The ball court has been removed ...

The Willmott Dixon, Build Manager, visited the company who are building the modules for the new extension. These photos give a feel for how large the building will be.

Week commencing 3rd October

The membrane has been laid ready for the delivery of the modules during half term. You can now get an idea of the size of the new building.

13th October

The ground is ready for next week when the modules arrive. 

During October half term the building was delivered to the school in 32 separate modules. These were craned into place and by the end of the week the building was complete.

 Work has now commenced on the interior of the building.  



Mr Pedley and Mr Richards putting on their PPE

View of the corridor with classrooms and hall either side

Looking out from the school office into the lobby

The kitchen in the staff room

Mr Clark thinking of assemblies in the new hall

The view from the entrance 

...and an area for the new ball court has been cleared and marked out

Week commencing 26th September

The ground is being prepared for the arrival of the modules








Inside a classroom

The skylights in all the rooms and corridor make the building very light and airy

Another office

All the classrooms are large and bright

A cross has been created in the hall. This has purplel glass inserted