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Picture News

On a Tuesday at 10:20, the children at Rothley gather for two assemblies. One for years 2 to 6, the other for foundation stage and year 1. These assemblies are led by a class teacher around a Picture and a question, and is called ‘Picture News’

The picture news assemblies are designed  to create engaging and exciting lessons, allowing opportunities for children to learn about our world, develop independence and global citizenship, resilience, respect and unlock their own drive and passion for learning. Teaching the news not only provides great content and stimulus that grips the children's attention, it is also something that the children can impact. It is current, happening now and so their voice is given meaning and purpose. It is our world and we all matter.


Each assembly has a link with one the the 4 British Values (Rule of Law; Individual Liberty; democracy and mutual respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and for those without faith) which is explained to the children during the collective worship and how it links with the topic.

After the assembly has finished, children in the year 2-6 assembly lead and share prayers and reflections that they have developed about the content of the assembly. After the assembly has finished children are encouraged to go away and reflect on the topics discussed in the assembly in a variety of different ways.

“I love the picture news assemblies – it is my favourite collective worship of the week!” Cameron year 4.

“It really helps us look at what goes on in the world and how we can become better people and help.” Lily year 6