Rothley Church of England Primary (Academy)

"Working together to achieve value and recognise the strengths of all"

Pupil Premium

Disadvantaged Pupils

Governors support of disadvantaged pupils -

Governors maintain a confident and positive vision for the school and ensure this is reflected in the school`s work and achievements which supports the attainment of disadvantaged pupils. 

The government report that the funding is having an impact in focusing attention on raising disadvantaged pupils` attainment.

Seven building blocks have been identified by the government:

  • Promote an ethos of attainment for all pupils
  • Have an individualised approach to addressing barriers to learning and emotional support as early as possible
  • Focus on high quality teaching first rather than bolt on strategies and activities out of hours
  • Focus on outcomes for individual pupils rather than providing strategies
  • Deploy the best staff to work with disadvantaged pupils; develop the skills of teachers and support assistants who know the pupils well
  • Make decisions based on data and respond to evidence using frequent formative assessment not relying on summative data only
  • Have clear, responsive leadership that sets high aspirations and uses the deployment of devolved responsibility of staff not accepting low aspirations

School leaders will:

  • Improve outcomes for disadvantaged pupils in the school
  • Set clear expectations with staff
  • Lead by example and accept no excuse
  • Ensure high quality staff are in place
  • Make creative decisions based on evidence
  • Ensure the funding is targeted to improve outcomes for every individual