Rothley Church of England Primary (Academy)

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Mathematics Calculation Policy


The aim of our calculation policy is to ensure all children leave Rothley with a secure understanding of the four operations and can confidently use both written and mental calculation strategies in a range of contexts.

This policy states the required mental strategies and sets out the progression of written procedures that the children will use as they progress in their understanding of the four operations.

In order for children to develop a full understanding of the written procedures, they must first have a firm understanding of place value.

It is expected that the majority of pupils will progress through the calculation stages as stated in this policy.

However, children should not be made to go onto the next stage if:

  • They are not ready.
  • They are not confident.

Children who do grasp concepts rapidly should be challenged through sophisticated and diverse problems, before being accelerated through new content.

Furthermore, it is essential that at each stage, children are making choices about whether to use a mental or written method.

Finally, it is essential that the strategies in this policy are being taught through mathematical problems and activities that are contextualised, relevant and rich in key mathematical vocabulary.

It is important to encourage children, at all ages, to look first at the problem and get them to decide which is the best method to choose – pictures, diagrams, mental calculation with or without jottings, structured recording or calculator (in years 5/6 for calculation purposes).