Rothley Church of England Primary (Academy)

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Computing In Action!

February-March 2018

In year 6 we have been learning how to code programmable technology by using Sphero Minis and the Sphero Edu App on the iPads.

November-December 2017

 In year 6 we created film trailers based on our writing in literacy: Hercules.

For this, we used iMovie on the iPads, Snapseed and Chromic to edit the photos and videos whilst also using a green screen and DoInk to add visual effects!

September-October 2017

 The year 6's have begun their Autumn term by focusing on coding using the App - Swift Playground.

This App has been enjoyed by all thanks to it's child-friendly interface coupled with step-by-step instructions for the children to start writing code accurately and efficiently. 

The following photos show Eddie and Annabel trying their hand at creating functions (to embed in their code) to make writing the instructions quicker.

The first photo will show a problem arise with the initial code that they have written; however, following some quick discussion about how to debug the program, the pair were able to use their problem solving skills to fix it!

Can you spot how they debugged their program?