Rothley Church of England Primary (Academy)

"Working together to achieve value and recognise the strengths of all"

Collective Worship

Collective Worship

Children take part in collective worship, at some time, every day.

Currently on a Monday Mrs Parr leads a whole school assembly and the theme reflects the Anglican Common Worship Lectionary. Each week a Gospel reading is reflected upon.   

Tuesdays are singing of both modern and traditional hymns and songs that reflect the time/theme of the church year.

Wednesdays are led by the teaching staff and follows a scheme called ‘A Teachers Dozen’. Themes are all rooted in a bible passage.

The Thursday assembly focus is on the ‘VALUES FOR LIFE’ programme which takes a Christian value over three weeks and on the fourth week a star is presented to a child from each class.

Fridays are led by the Church and either follow the theme of the Monday assembly or have a special discrete focus, for example this term the Apostles Creed; a traditional Christian prayer. Other themes, such as harvest are included as they fall within the school term.

The school has a morning and evening prayer and a lunchtime prayer.  The Lord's Prayer is said regularly



The Empty Tomb

Children looking into the empty tomb..

The children wrote prayers on decorated eggs and hung them from our tree sculpture

May 6th 2016

Service of Hope for Missing Children

Mrs Janet Kennedy, Great Aunt of Madeleine McCann, visited our assembly today and helped some of our children tie yellow and green ribbons on our Tree of Hope for Missing Children.